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During the last century, global seafood trade has faced increasing regulatory oversight. The growing number of detention, refusal and recall events are due in large part to the rise of more stringent testing protocols and lower levels of detection as regulators expand their reach.

It was in response to this growing burden on food processors and importers that MMIB arose. For the last 37 years we have specialized in the risks associated with moving seafood, meat and other foodstuff around the world. During this time we have built a proprietary database of food safety seafood violations on three continents. We offer a variety of insurance options that can be custom-tailored to our clients' needs. Insurance options include coverage for transit-related perils with particularly broad coverage for protection against temperature abuse events,and re-imbursement should a regulatory agency find a food safety violation, whether at time of entry or further down the supply chain.

Coverage is embedded with FDA consulting services, which target loss prevention services, and include a company's removal from Import Alerts, Predict and other FDA enforcement tools. 

In short, MMIB has the experience, resources and ability to ensure our clients' interests are well protected in international and domestic trade.