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The USDA governs the supply of meat, eggs, poultry products and different species of catfish consumed in the US market, while the FDA governs all other foodstuffs. While the USDA has been very active in inspecting and creating standards of compliance in their sector for many decades, the FDA focused most of their enforcement actions on seafood, juice and some spices. With the advent of Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the FDA is now tasked with creating food safety guidelines and standards of enforcement for all other foodstuffs.

Given our knowledge  of seafood enforcement actions and realizing that FDA enforcement of other foodstuffs will follow a similar path of enforcement, MMIB is well-positioned to insure, broker and offer strategies to mitigate food regulatory interventions across many different food groups. 

MMIB has a great deal of experience in working with US meat importers for meat sourced from Australia, New Zealand and other countries. This knowledge  allows us to evaluate and underwrite meat being imported into the US or Canadian markets.