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 U.S. / Canadian Importers

The US FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) present unique hurtles for North American importers to overcome. Many food regulations are in constant flux and it is MMIB's responsibility to stay informed on these changes. MMIB helps importers navigate through this challenging landscape and has filed more than 1900 appeals before the USFDA in our many years in business.

MMIB provides insurance products that will indemnify the importer for products that are subject to both FDA detention and refusal actions. Our insurance products are embedded with consulting expertise that pays the additional expenses involved with demonstating your products are in compliance. During this appeal process, MMIB will assist in locating the source of the contamination event and will provide your supplier corrective actions to mitigate any future violations. MMIB's services are designed to go beyond indemnification and are designed to strengthen the importer's supply chains for the future.